English Language Arts Department

  • Selah Academy Online delivers Language Arts (English 9A/B, 10A/B, 11A/B, 12A/B) for our on-campus students by providing on-line curriculum (Pearson Connections) with a Washington State certificated teacher who works for Pearson and may live/work anywhere in the U.S.  Students also have the opportunity to explore electives through traditional online learning in the following:  Gothic Literature, Mythology, and Creative Writing.

    Big Picture Learning students pursue competencies in "Communication - How do I take in and express ideas?” This goal is to be a great communicator: to understand your audience, to write, to read, to speak and listen well, to use technology and artistic expression to communicate, and to be exposed to another language(s).

    Questions to develop student learning, project, and internship work:

    ·         How will I write effectively for a variety of purposes? 

    ·         What is the main idea I want to get across?

    ·         Who is my audience? 

    ·         What will I read about my project topic or LTI field? 

    ·         What will I read independently? 

    ·         How will I take notes on what I read and hear?

    ·         How will I speak about my topic?

    ·  How will technology help me to express my learning?

    ·  How will I express or share my learning creatively?

    ·  How will I express my thinking in another language?

    ·  Who will I listen to about my project topic?

    ·  How will I revise and edit my work and the work of others?