Social Studies Department

  • Modern World History, World Geography/Ancient World History, U.S. History A & B, Current/Contemporary World Problems (Current Events), and Civics/US Government B are core courses/graduation requirements offered at Selah Online through Pearson Connections.  Students can also explore a variety of Social Studies electives:  Economics, History of the Holocaust, Psychology A & B, Women's' Studies, African American History, and several other offerings, with remote teachers who are Washington State certificated and available throughout the day via Pearson Class Mail, chat, and LiveLesson features.

    For Big Picture Learning students, Social Studies competencies begin with Social Reasoning (SR), asking the question:  What are other people’s perspectives on this issue?”  This goal is to think like a social scientist, historian, or anthropologist and to apply an understanding of social and historical patterns to thinking about current political, social, ethical, economic, and cultural issues.

    Questions to develop student learning, project, and internship work:

    ·         How do diverse communities view the topic I am exploring? 

    ·         How does the central issue impact different communities?

    ·         Who cares about this; to whom is it important?

    ·         What historical, anthropological, and social science concepts will I need to understand? 

    ·         Who benefits, who is harmed through this issue?

    ·  What is the history of this issue; how has it changed over time?

    ·  What social systems are in place?

    ·  What are the relevant ethical questions? 

    ·  What do I think should be done about the issue?

    ·  What action(s) will I now take to positively impact what should be done about the issue?