Math Department

  • Selah Online students will utilize Pearson's online math courses with an online teacher in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra with Finance, Statistics, and or Calculus.  Electives include Consumer Math and Business Math.

    Selah Big Picture Learning students learn math through the concept of Quantitative Reasoning (QR).   How do I measure, compare, or represent a system?” This goal is to think like a mathematician: to appreciate relationships and patterns in numbers, to analyze uncertainty, to comprehend the properties of shapes and graphs, and to study change over time.

    Questions to develop student learning, project, and internship work:

    ·         What problem am I trying to solve?

    ·         How will I use numbers to evaluate my hypothesis?

    ·         What numerical information will I collect?

    ·         What quantities will I need to estimate to better understand my topic?

    ·         How will I represent this information as a table, graph, and/or formula?

    ·         How will I understand and manage budgets? 

    ·         What methods have others used to solve this problem?

    ·  How will I interpret this formula or graph? How will I measure its shape or structure?

    ·  What trends do I see in the data I am analyzing? How does it change over time?

    ·  What predictions will I make, based on numerical reasoning?

    ·  How will I show a correlation between two or more things?

    ·  How will I use varied methods, tools and technologies?