Vocational Department

  • Utilizing Pearson Connections Online Learning, Selah Academy students have many vocational courses available to enhance their learning experiences.  These courses include the following:  Accounting I & II, Anatomy & Physiology, Business Communications, Business Informations Systems, Business Law, Business Math, Developmental Writing, Emergent Computer Technology (HTML Webpage Development), Human Resource Management, International Business, Intro to Communication, Intro to Finance, Intro to Graphic Design A & B, Java Programming I & II, Law & Order, Leadership & Supervision in Business, Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Public Speaking, and Sports and Entertainment Marketing.  Note:  All subject to Washington State certificated teacher availability.

    SA students are also able to access Career and Technology/Vocational offerings by attending one of the many fine programs offered at YV-Tech.  See the SA counselor for more details or check them out at:  https://www.yvtech.com/

    Big Picture Learning students will LTI..."Learn Through Interests" and "Learn through Internships (Mentorships).  This is one of the ten distinguishers of BPL schools/students.   Real-world learning is best accomplished in the real world. Big Picture students intern--often twice a week for an entire school day--with experts in their field of interest, completing authentic projects and gaining experience and exposure to how their interests intersect with the real world.  Students work with their teachers/advisors to learn how to make community connections through phone calls/emails/interviews/job-shadows that the student plays a central role in creating/exploring.