Preschool Parent Policy Council

  • The Preschool Parent Policy Council is composed of parents whose children are enrolled in the preschool program. All parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer on this advisory board, which works closely with preschool staff members. Childcare is provided during the council meeting.

    The purpose of the council is to develop parent empowerment and leadership, and serve as a communication link between the preschool program and the preschool families. In addition, the council assumes responsibility for the End-of-the Year Family Picnic. The council may organize fundraisers, or other projects, if they desire.

    The Vision Statement of the Preschool Parent Policy Council is:

    • To empower parents, children, teachers, and community to be dedicated to the common goal of becoming life-long learners and contributing citizens; by providing support, information, and resources in a safe and caring environment; with encouragement for participation through all phases of education and all stages of development.

    Parent Council Bylaws

    Presidents – Angel Soler & Jenna Durkee

    Vice Presidents – Heather Bulfinch & Dominique Wangler

    Treasurer-Rebekah Rebling

    Secretary-Raelynn Williamson

    Lince Rep-Rebekah Rebling & Tara Wagner

    John Campbell-Ginger Groenig & Tiffany Jacobs

    Selah Intermediate-Margarita Sager & Erin Darling