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See What's Cooking in Selah Kitchens!

Things have been cooking in Selah kitchens as the District’s Nutrition Services Department has been the recipient of two recent grants.

First, Selah students are learning the importance of “wecycling” as they participate with the Nutrition Services Team in promoting meal time recycling efforts.  In its aim to reduce waste, support recycling, and teach environmental awareness, the District’s Nutrition Department has been awarded a Waste Not Washington Schools Grant sponsored by the Department of Ecology and part of the WeCycle Part 2 Program.  The program focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills to understand and help educate their families, friends and communities about environmental responsibility and the impacts of waste in a changing world.  In utilizing the $5,000 award, Selah’s nutrition department requested reusable trays at all schools for students in PreK – 12th grades.

Second, students are enjoying farm fresh ingredients during school meal times as part of a $45,000 Farm to School Grant from the Washington State Department of Agriculture. The award is aimed at expanding opportunities for farmers while educating students about the connections between food, farming, health, and the environment. Farm to school enriches the connection communities have with fresh and heathy food, while students gain access to nutritious local selections. Grant funds are intended to support districts and schools in procuring high quality, fresh, and culturally relevant foods for their meal programs from locally sourced farms, and promoting items that are grown and raised in Washington. As part of grant activities, students have been participating in farm to school efforts by partaking in activities related to agriculture, food, health and nutrition as well as taking part in made from scratch menu taste tests.

Keep an eye on Selah kitchens and see what’s cooking!