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A Message from the Superintendent

October 10, 2023

Dear Selah School District Students, Parents, Community Members and Staff,

As the Selah School District continues its process of accountability following the September 28, Selah vs. Prosser varsity volleyball match in which racial and sexually related comments were directed toward a Prosser student athlete, I find it essential to communicate updated information, which includes sanctions implemented against Selah High School.

On September 29, Selah High School administrators initiated an investigation that further probed into the facts of the volleyball match.  Upon thorough examination of the event, the accusations were substantiated and Selah High School administrators took immediate disciplinary action against the two students. Throughout the investigation process, district level and high school administrators from both Selah and Prosser worked collaboratively throughout the process. 

Following the District’s investigation, on October 4 at a Central Washington Athletic Conference (CWAC) League meeting, the Selah High School athletic director presented to assembled representatives a proactive plan on how the school is actively addressing the issues of student behavior, bullying and harassment, and racial consciousness and awareness.  Selah’s plan also included self-imposed disciplinary sanctions. Following Selah’s presentation, the CWAC League decided to impose additional sanctions against Selah High School. After evaluating the league sanction, the District decided to appeal to the Yakima Valley Interscholastic Activities Association (YVIAA) District 5.

On October 6, District 5 officials convened and the YVIAA Appeals Committee heard Selah’s appeal.  On the same day, District 5 officials further met and, as the result, issued six sanctions against Selah High School, which included adjustment to the initial CWAC league sanctions or upholding them in their entirety. Below are the sanctions:

  • Prosser High School athletic teams will not travel to Selah for any indoor sports for the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year.  This includes head-to-head district contests, and multi-team regular season or district tournament contests.  Further, the athletic events identified as Prosser at Selah contests will take place at an agreed upon neutral site, unless both Prosser and Selah both mutually agree to play in Selah.
  • Also, in addition to sending an administrator to football and basketball events, Selah will be required to send a building-level supervisor to all volleyball, baseball, softball and soccer contests.
  • Student-fans from Selah High School may not attend any regular season or postseason athletic contests at Prosser High School for the remaining fall and winter athletic seasons.  However, siblings of participating rostered athletes in the contest may attend with permission granted from the Selah High School Athletic Department.  
  • Selah High School initiated a self-imposed one-game ban for student fans that will be implemented at the next home volleyball and soccer matches scheduled for Tuesday, October 10.
  • For the remainder of the 2023-2024 volleyball season, all conference school’s student sections will be seated on the same half of the court that their team plays on.  In Selah, this means that the area where parents used to sit will now become the student fan section.
  • Throughout the 2023-2024 athletic season, Selah officials will provide to the CWAC League updates and progress of what actions have been completed from their sportsmanship plan.

It is important to relay that the Selah School Board, the District and Selah High School accept the YVIAA District 5 sanctions and find them fair and hope these are also acceptable to the Prosser School District and member schools of the CWAC. The District will remain steadfast in its efforts in guiding students and continue its focus on appropriate behavior, racial consciousness and the acceptance of all individuals. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Kevin McKay, Superintendent