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Employee Forms

All Employees - Click to View

Staff Member Name/Address/Phone Update Form
Address / Phone Change Form
IRS form W-4

Supplemental Contract Time Sheet or as Interactive PDF
Blank Sign In Sheet 

Travel Requests and Expense Reimbursements

Leave Request: Family & Medical (FMLA), Maternity/Child Rearing, Adoption, Military, LOA, Unpaid

Leave Sharing (Donated Leave)

Student Accident Report
Student Field Trip Request 
Workers’ Compensation Filing Information
Adult Accident/Incident Report
Accident Witness Statement

Grant Application Pre-Approval Form

Early Declaration of Retirement

Separation of Employment Pamphlet

Certificated Employees Only - Click to View

Student Accident Report
Teacher Subbing for Teacher: Banking for Prep Time
Annual Leave Cash Out Request 
Banked Hours Cash Out Request 
Clock Hours FAQ

Administrators/Supervisors Only - Click to View

HRM Portal
Supplemental Request
Supplemental Sign-in Sheet
Supervisor's Accident Report
Student Accident Report
Credit Card Purchase Authorization
Credit Card Statement Reconciliation 
Cost Estimate (Budget Projection) Cheat Sheet
Substitute: Recommendation to Limit Service
Employment Recommendation and Change of Status  2023-2024 as a PDF
Employment Recommendation 2024-2025 as a PDF  
Change of Assignment/Status 2024-2025 as a PDF  
Separation of Employment
Observation and Evaluation Running Record Form

Office Staff - Click to View

Secretary Request to Change Scheduled Work Calendar

Color Key for Printing Forms Chart of Account Codes
Chart of Account Codes (COA) - Legal size

Request for Acceptance of a Gift/Donation