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Requests for Translation

Selah School District

Request for Interpretation/Translation

with Authorized Interpreters/Translators


Request Process:

The request form is required in order to schedule interpreters for building family nights, upload documents that need translation, and track services.  Be sure to submit the request two weeks prior to the services.

Request Form: Interpretation/Translation Request Form

Procedure for utilizing our on-call interpreters/translators:

Interpretation (verbal) –

Call personnel from page two as needed for interpretation. You will need to have a building administrator signature for approval and a building account code for the interpretation on the green sheet prior to sending it to the District office for processing. If unsure of the code, call Melissa Walker at ext. 8017. All bilingual para-educators may be called to translate during work hours at their building. Bilingual para-educators and certified staff can be used as necessary outside of their work day (pay is per diem). 

Translation (written)-

All translators from page two can provide this service.  Process is the same as Interpretation above.

Procedure for utilizing our planned interpreters/translators:

Interpretation (verbal) – all languages not just Spanish

Lionbridge demo video:

  1. Fill out the request form.

  2. Ensure you are in the conference room with the Avaya 360 speaker phone.

  3. Process:

    1. At the start of the meeting call: 1-800-444-6627

    2. State first and last name

    3. Provide District Pin: ( provided through request form )

    4. Select Language

    5. An interpreter will be assigned to your meeting.

    6. Email the length of meeting to Kristi Irion: 

Translation (written: school documents)- all languages not just Spanish


  1. Fill out the request form.

  2. Example of Documents:

    1. Handbooks

    2. Parent/Family Engagement Plans

    3. Newsletters

    4. Letters home to parents

  3. Process:

    1. Email document to Kristi with LinguaLinx in the subject line: 

    2. I will forward your email to receive a quote and turn around time 

    3. Please allow for one week for the process. Standard Turnaround times:

SSD Procedures Document