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Core Four - Crisis Response

Selah School District  recognizes four primary responses to crisis (the Core Four): Evacuate, Lockdown, Secure and Teach, and Shelter in Place. There may be additional crisis responses practiced by the school (for example Drop, Cover, and Hold in response to an earthquake). Each month, one of these responses is practiced by our staff and students.

1. Lockdown

Response to: Threat of harm

  • "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight"
  • Close and lock internal and external doors
  • Everyone into locked areas
  • Pull interior and exterior blinds
  • Don't be seen or heard (no talking)
  • Run/Barricade/Fight
  • Monitor communications

2. Secure & Teach

Response to: Threat of harm or other need to secure classrooms

  • Close and lock external entrances
  • Get students into classrooms
  • Close and lock classroom doors
  • Pull interior and exterior blinds
  • Continue to teach and move about as communicated
  • Monitor communications

3. Shelter in Place

Response to: Chemical, biological, or radioactive event

  • Shelter in a safe area within the building
  • Isolate the environment
  • Shut off HVAC systems
  • Head count and collect
  • Monitor communications

4. Evacuation

Response to: Fire or other internal threat

  • Wait for intercom or email announcement
  • Exit the building and go to rally point
  • Take attendance
  • Show red or green clipboard
  • Modified transportation as needed
  • Monitor communications

Alerting and Communication

  • Intercom: all call from any school phone
  • ParentSquare notifications 
  • Radios: Used by admin, office staff, PE, and security emergency supplies

Emergency Supplies

  • AED - in each building
  • First Aid /Trauma Kits