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    At this time, it is strongly recommended that you stop organizing player/athlete led gatherings at our outdoor athletic facilities. As the COVID-19 virus continues its expansion we need to all work together to limit exposure.  Please practice social distancing and avoid groups of people, indoors or outdoors of more than 10 people.  There are many ways to stay in good physical shape and work on your athletic skill sets away from our athletic facilities. Your coaches are great resources for suggestions, tips, ideas, at-home work outs, etc...Please reach out to your coaches via electronic communication for further information about these options.  You may also email Mr. Davis (AD) for clarifying questions or for more details about ways to continuing to exercise and work on your athletic skill sets.  


    GO Viks!


    Win from Within

    Selah School District strongly supports the commitment to interscholastic athletic programs as an essential educational opportunity for students. In Selah School District Athletics we are deeply passionate about the following:

    • Every student athlete has a positive and highly competitive athletic experience.
    • Parents, students, and community members actively participate in athletic contests, events, and activities.
    • Character education is the foundation of what we do! We will empower student athletes to become leaders both in school and the community. We want our student athletes to have fun, instilling belief, and preparing our students for the game of life.




  • Jake Davis
    District Athletic Director 
    T. 509-698-8514
    Jake Davis

    Robin Gordy
    High School Athletic Secretary
    T. 509-698-8515
    Robin Gordy

    Jed Hougan
    Middle School Athletic Director 
    T. 509-698-8410
    Jed Hougan

    Kyla Alexieff
    Middle School Athletic Secretary
    T. 509-698-8413
    Kyla Alexieff