Science Department

  • For Selah Online students, Science courses are delivered through Pearson Connexus Online Learning courses include Physical Science A&B, Biology A&B, Earth & Space Science A&B, Environmental Science A&B, Marine Science A&B, as well as other electives.  The teachers are Pearson employees, Washington State certificated, and located throughout the United States and available via Pearson Class mail, Chat, or Live Lessons (as scheduled on an occasional basis). Students will be required to perform labs, with most materials provided by the school.

    Big Picture Learning students pursue scientific reasoning through competencies in Empirical Reasoning (ER), asking "How do I prove/disprove it?"  This goal is to think like a scientist or engineer: to use empirical evidence, numerical or qualitative data from your own or others' observations, and logical processes to make decisions, evaluate hypotheses, and develop informed conclusions. It need not reflect specific scientific content, but may also incorporate ideas from a range of disciplines within the four major branches of science:  Mathematics/Logic (including Computer Science), Biological, Physical, and/or Social Sciences.


    Questions to develop student learning, project, and internship work:

    ·         What idea(s) do I need to test (what is my essential question)?

    ·         What has other research shown?

    ·         What is my hypothesis? How can I test it?

    ·         What information (data) do I need to collect?

    ·         What will I use as a control in my research?

    ·  What are the results of my research?

    ·  How credible, valid and reliable is my information?     

    ·  What conclusion(s) can I draw from my research?

    ·  How will I present the results of my research?

    ·  How will I apply what I am learning through engineering practices?