• December 9, 2022

    Selah School District to Ask Voters to Renew Learning Levy Funding

    Levy Funds Directly Impact Students

    The Selah School District is placing an Enrichment Levy on the February 14, 2023 ballot.  Levy funds directly impact students

    Over the years, the Selah School District has valued the support of its community.  Together, with the backing of patrons, the District has cultivated a culture of excellence where quality educational opportunities and high levels of learning are ensured for all students.  

    Now, again, the District is turning to the Selah community with a Learning Levy request as the School Board of Directors has announced that it will submit to voters a four-year proposal on the February 14, 2023, election ballot.  This Learning Levy is a renewal of the current levy which expires on December 31, 2023, and will continue to support valuable programs and opportunities for students.  As a convenience for voters, the renewal request is for a four-year term and would remain at a set collection rate for all four years.   

    The projected collection rate per thousand for each of the four levy years, 2024, 2025, 2026 and 2027, is $1.65 per $1,000 assessed value.  The proposed levy collection rate, when combined with the bond collection rate, will lower the total projected tax rate from what is currently being collected.  Also, if approved, the District will continue to receive important Levy Equalization Funding, projected at approximately $2.4 million per year.  Local levy funds and Levy Equalization funding together would comprise approximately 10% of the District’s operating budget through December of 2027.   

    Levy funds are valuable to school districts because they directly benefit students and help maintain essential programs for every learner.  Levy dollars help support what the State does not fund or does not fully fund for K-12 education to keep students safe and healthy and provide them with quality opportunities and experiences to prepare them for their future.  Levy funding is needed to help support important programs necessary for student success.  In Selah, if approved, Levy dollars would continue to maintain and enhance three main student-focused areas:  Student Learning, Technology, and Athletics and Activities. Specifically, levy funding provides the District with professional development opportunities for staff, instructional materials, band instruments, additional certified and classified staff for class offerings, drug and alcohol education, technology—including devices and support, nursing support, campus safety and security, athletics and activities, academic competitions, Highly Capable Program support, Dual Language and English Language (EL) program support, to name a few items.  These programs, materials and opportunities are important to keeping kids safe and engaged, and preparing them for college and career opportunities.

    According to Superintendent Kevin McKay, the approval of February's Learning Levy will help maintain existing student educational opportunities and programs that families and the community have come to expect.

    “The Selah community is prideful in its schools and our District values the support it has received throughout the years from patrons," said McKay.  "With continued support, we have been able to provide a quality-learning environment for students where we work to meet the needs of every learner so they can learn, grow, and succeed.  

    Levies benefit learners and as we prepare students for their future years, the renewal of levy funding is essential to the District’s purpose so it can continue providing tomorrow’s leaders with equitable and high-quality programs and experiences they deserve, where they are prepared for college and career opportunities.”