Strategic Priorities

  • What are the Strategic Priorities?

    Developed by the Selah School District Board of Directors, the Strategic Priorities are used to guide the District’s work and focus over a three year period.  It is used as a “blueprint” by the administration to create annual work plans which include key initiatives, training and programs. It reflects the input of the Selah School District community on what it sees as the most essential educational priorities.  

    What is in place now?

    The current Strategic Priorities were established in the summer of 2016.  They covered the 2016-17, 2017-18 and the 2018-19 school years.

    Why are Strategic Priorities important?

    • They provide a coherent long-term plan that keeps a more narrow focus to guide our work at improving student learning.
    • They are a way for the input of the Selah School District community to be put into action.
    • They guide the allocation of finite resources.
    • They provide an accountability mechanism for the administration and the Board.

    How have the current Strategic Priorities been used?

    There are a number of examples of how the current priorities have been translated into action:

    Early Learning

    • Expanded community partnerships
    • Additional training opportunities for parents and community providers
    • Dual language @ the Pre-K level

    Environments for Success

    • Pre-K through 12 PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) implementation
    • Increased focus on student attendance
    • Social Emotional and Character based programs implemented in the District

    Collaboration for Student Learning

    • Increased use of data across the District
    • Interventions and extensions developed to meet varying student needs
    • Sharing of effective instructional strategies amongst staff

    Closing the Achievement Gap

    • District-wide emphasis on students of poverty (ACEs, Social Emotional Learning, etc.)
    • Co-Teach and inclusionary practices expanded in special education
    • GLAD strategies taught and used widely in the District for English Language Learners


    How are the Strategic Priorities being updated?

    The Selah School District will be revising its strategic priorities for implementation in the 2019-20 school year.  The priorities will be developed using the following four lenses:

    • Equity – Ensuring our priorities do not create barriers for equitable outcomes for all students and in turn, focus on removing barriers that exist.
    • Current Reality – Understanding what our data is telling us about our areas of need and what our budget capacity is to refine, remove or add programs.
    • Stakeholder Input – Soliciting input from our stakeholders (staff, students and parents) about what matters to each group when it comes to learning environments.
    • Portrait of a Graduate – Defining the desired skills of our graduates that will help them succeed in the 21st Century.

    Information gathering will take place during the the spring of 2019 and the priorities will be developed by District leaders during the summer of 2019.

    What is the timeline for the creation of the priorities?

    • Input level 1 - Survey Monkey for stakeholder input
      • February 19 through March 15
    • Synthesis of input
      • March 15 through April 7
    • Input level 2 - Survey Monkey for stakeholder input (ranking)
      • April 8 through April 29
    • Cabinet and leadership review of information; draft priorities
      • June 2019
    • Board Study Session to review draft and amend/approve
      • June 2019
    • Adopt the new/revised priorities
      • August 2019