• New to Selah Schools!

    The 2018-2019 school year is underway!  This year we have many new faces joining our Viking Team.  Throughout the fall, we will be featuring staff New to Selah Schools.  Please enjoy learning about our new certificated and classified staff members!  If you see them in the District, please provide a Viking welcome!

  • Laura Bartholomew

    The Fox-Trot, Waltz, Tango, Charleston, and Samba—this television dance enthusiast has watched all types of twirling, shimmying and boogying. Now, Laura Bartholemew’s next move is chasséing into the Selah School District.

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  • Lori Davenport

    Always on the look-out for the latest in fashion and a Pipi “find,” Lori Davenport enjoys piecing together outfits with her definite sense of style. However, in these early fall days of a new school year; Lori’s “flair” is working with Selah students.

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  • Benjamin Celver

    After an early career in the military, Benjamin Celver is a guy who has carried out many maneuvers. Now, he has embarked on a mission to help provide Selah High School students with the skills to be college and career ready.

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  • Chris Miller

    If you haven’t met Chris Miller yet, here’s a clue as to who he is—he’s “the face” behind Selah’s SafeSchools Training. Yep, that guy. The guy, who if you’ve been a little slow in meeting deadline requirements, whose name appears as the contact on the friendly email reminders for course completion. However, when Chris isn’t “playing it safe” with schools he enjoys all of the “action” that his life entails.

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  • Catie Smith

    Who would have thought that John Campbell Primary teacher, Catie Smith, has something in common with the eight NFL franchises of Arizona, Atlanta, Buffalo, Carolina, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Minnesota and Tennessee? But, she does. It’s not for a lack of “making it,” but neither Catie or the mentioned professional football teams have ever won the big one, the Game.

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