Bus Rules

  • Authority

    Driver is in charge of the bus.  You must obey the bus driver at all times.

    The driver has the authority to assign seats.

    Students will follow emergency exit drill procedures as directed.  Students shall not tamper with emergency doors/equipment.


    Passenger Safety

    No bullying of any kind.

    Students must stay seated quietly in their seats, face forward and keep the aisles and emergency exits clear at all times.

    Remain seated until bus comes to a complete stop with brake applied and door open.

    Be courteous, no profane language will be tolerated.  Profanity directed at the driver will result in a bus suspension.

    Windows may be opened with the driver’s permission. Windows will only be opened to the red line or first notch.

    Keep all body parts inside the bus.

    No talking or distracting sounds will be made while bus is at a designated railroad crossing.

    Do not throw anything on the school bus.

    No littering.

    Students shall observe classroom conduct on the bus.  Noise shall be kept to a minimum, and no obscene gestures.

    All passengers shall wear seatbelts at all times if bus is equipped.

    Give proper name when asked.

    **Refusal to give driver proper name will be an automatic suspension


    Stop Assignments

    Students must have a “school bus pass” when going to an unassigned bus stop.

    Students are not allowed to depart the bus at any stop other than the assigned stop without prior permission from parent/guardian.

    In order to get off of the bus at any other school than your designated stop, parent/guardian must come directly to the bus to remove you.


    Prohibited Items on School Buses

    Eating or drinking on the bus is prohibited.

    No breakable, sharp or bulky items.  No items can be brought on the bus that cannot be placed on the floor between your legs.

    No weapons, firearms, flammables, skateboards, rollerblades, balloons, body sprays or lotions.

    All forms of animal life (except service animals).

    No tobacco, drugs or alcohol products, or ignition source of any kind allowed on the bus.

    No laser pointers.

    Parents/guardians will be required to pay for all damages for which their child is responsible.



    Load and unload in an orderly manner.  No pushing or shoving.

    Arrive at the bus top five minutes prior to bus arrival time.

    Students will cross only in front of the bus.  They must watch for driver’s signal before crossing.

    Never cross behind the bus.

    Students shall stand away from roadway or curb when any bus is approaching or departing a bus stop or school.

    Students shall not check their mail while the bus is at your stop.

    Once the bus doors are closed and the bus is leaving school, they will not re-open the door for late students.

    Students shall never chase a departing bus.