• What is the District Parent Advisory Committee?
    The District Parent Advisory Committee is forum for parents and district representatives to discuss special education/Section 504 policies, programs, and matters relating to the success of all students in the Selah School District.

    What is the purpose of the District PAC?
    The purpose of the Special Education/Section 504 PAC is to encourage informed parent contributions to discussions leading to decisions being made about special education programs in Selah Schools.

    It is the district's purpose to promote a network of parents that have children with special needs to:

    • Provide a forum to share information.
    • Form parent-school partnerships that respond to increasing needs of our diverse community.
    • To help parents become as informed as possible about their child's special education services.
    • To discuss a continuum of programming that meets the needs of all students with special needs.
    • Create a positive understanding and awareness for students with disabilities in all of our schools.

    When and where does it meet?
    The PAC meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the district boardroom. Meetings run from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The district also provides an interpreter for our Spanish speaking families. If your family requires an interpreter, please contact the District prior to the meeting.

    What does a typical meeting look like?
    Parents are encouraged to lead PAC discussions, which focus on programming, curriculum, IEP's, instructional materials, and special education law. Parents are also encouraged to ask questions, request guest speakers and/or trainings from community providers/services, and/or school personnel.

    Who should I contact to become a member?
    If you're interested in becoming a member, please contactContact the Special Services Office at 509-698-8016 for more information about becoming a member.