• Revealing Clothing

    • Tank tops with straps less than 2” wide
    • Single strap shirts
    • Strapless shirts/halter tops
    • Backless tops
    • Exposed stomach, midriff or cleavage
    • Short shorts or skirts (must reach mid-thigh area)
    • Transparent clothing
    • Exposed undergarments (to include underwear or any shorts worn under pants)
    • Pants, shorts, or skirts with uncovered holes above the mid-thigh area
    • Hats and hoods are not to be worn in the building at anytime

    Gang Indicators

    • Stacked colors (multiple items of the same color)
    • Bandanas or hair nets
    • Sagging pants
    • Any web belt or any buckle with Old English numbers or letters
    • Buttoning only the top button of a shirt
    • Lines shaved into eyebrows
    • Any other form of dress or hairstyle deemed to be gang-related

    Inappropriate Messages

    • Clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, racism or profanity (Confederate flags, swastikas, etc)

    Dangerous Clothing

    • Hanging chains
    • Sharp, protruding objects
    • Spiked jewelry