• Dress Code Violations

    Student dress and personal appearance shall not disrupt or distract from the learning atmosphere.  Students in violation of the expected school dressstandard will need to change clothes, make arrangements for other clothes to be brought to school, spend the day in detention, or go home.  Repeated dresscode violations will result in disciplinary actions.

    The following items are not allowed:     

    ●  Halter tops, spaghetti straps, exposed bra straps, tube tops, mesh shirts, sheer clothing or clothing exposing cleavage or midriff

    ●  Sagging pants or low cut jeans that expose undergarments

    ●  Clothing or hats with writing and/or graphics that are obscene, sexually suggestive, profane, racist, or advertises the use of violence, alcohol, drugs, tobacco products (Brands such as Huff and Eight-Ball will not be allowed at SMS)

    ●  Chains, spiked jewelry or other potentially dangerous items

    ●   Any gang-related clothing or symbols; bandanas, colors, certain hairstyles including but not limited to three or four lines as well as stars, etc. (see gang related infractions)

       Please follow the basic DRESS CODE expectations listed below:

    ●  Yoga pants, leggings, jeggings and spandex shorts must have a top that covers both bottom and front, to mid-thigh

    ●  Tank Tops straps need to be at least 3”.  Tank tops and sleeveless shirts must come up to the armpit

    ●  Dresses, skirts and shorts must reach mid-thigh

    ●   Holes in jeans above mid-thigh must have something under them

    ●    Midriff shirts must have something under them

    ●    Hats, hoods, sunglasses, and sun visors may not be worn in SMS buildings and must be secured in student’s locker during the school day other than before school, after school, or during the lunch period outside.