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    Selah HomeLink Welcome

    Welcome to Selah HomeLink! Selah HomeLink is an educational program designed to enrich the learning of children whose parents are their primary educators. Our goal is to support families who are homeschooling by providing resources, materials, on-site classes and by fostering a sense of community. We will work with each family and student on an individual basis to maximize the resources available to them at Selah HomeLink.

    Selah HomeLink is part of the Selah School District and is subject to the rules governing Alternative Learning Experiences in the state of Washington (WAC 392-121-182). As part of the Selah School District, there are no costs to participate.

     Our program is set up around the needs and wants of our families. We do not want you to fit into our program; we want our program to fit you. We value your input and encourage you to ask questions and to be involved.

    How does it work?

    Each student has their own Washington Student Learning Plan (WSLP) that is designed by our certificated teacher with input from the student and parent/guardians, weekly check-ins, certification of hours, and documentation towards the progress of monthly reviews as well as attendance based on two-way communication.  The student’s progress toward their learning plan goals, contact, and attendance is recorded and evaluated each week.  Monthly reviews take place during the last week of the month.  By law, the student may not be enrolled the following month if reviews are not evaluated and documented. A student’s progress must be satisfactory each month.  A student’s progress is unsatisfactory if the student cannot show enough or any progress for the month, at which time they will be placed on an intervention plan.  The intervention plan must be in place within 5 days of the unsatisfactory monthly review.  If there are three consecutive months of unsatisfactory progress, the student will have to be enrolled at one of the comprehensive schools in the SSD, register an "intent to homeschool" plan/form with the district, or enroll in an online school.

    The parents of all new students will be interviewed by the lead teacher, in person or by phone, to assure understanding of program requirements. Once accepted into the HomeLink program, an initial meeting will be scheduled.  At that time, the parent, student, and teacher will meet to go over the WSLP and establish curriculum pacing.  The parent and student will be required to sign a Program Compliance Agreement, Statement of Understanding, as well as various HomeLink paperwork. They will also be required to establish weekly meeting times and set up testing dates.  Parents will receive a copy of the student’s WSLP.


     Where Is Selah HomeLink?

    Selah HomeLink is located at 1401 W. Fremont Ave. on the Selah Intermediate Campus. When you turn into the school, drive straight ahead and down to the bottom of the parking lot.  The HomeLink classroom is located in the NE corner of the school, in the portable on the right. If you are seeking paperwork for entering the program, please contact Ryanne at 698-8280.  Our mailing address is 308 W. Naches Ave, which is located at the Lince Campus in the Selah Academy Office.

     What hours is the HomeLink Teacher Available On-Site?

    Monday-Friday, 8am-2:30pm





  • Ryanne Mills
    HomeLink Teacher/Facilitator K-8
    T. 509-698-8280
    F. 509-698-8061
    Ryanne Mills