Pest Management Pre-Notification

  • The District annually applies herbicides to its vegetated areas between March and October. The District also applies systemic pesticides in the spring around trees. Small quantity pesticides in spray cans are utilized on a year-`round basis as needed for crawling insects and bees. Those occasions are usually during times when school is not in session. Treated areas are clearly marked if pesticides/herbicides are used during school sessions.

    If you need to know ahead of time that chemicals will be used at your school, please complete an Integrated Pest Management Pre-Notification Form available here or by calling the Maintenance & Facilities Department at 509-698-8050. Send the completed form to Frank Reno, Director of Maintenance & Facilities, 316 W. Naches Ave., Selah, WA 98942.

    If you have questions about this notification process or the District's IPM program, please view Policy 6895 and Procedure 6895 or contact:



  • Frank Reno
    Director of Maintenance & Facilities

    316 W. Naches Ave.
    Selah, WA 98942
    T. 509-698-8050
    F. 509-698-8051
    Frank Reno